Silky + Smooth


Does anyone else dread brushing their daughter’s hair? My daughter’s hair is constantly tangled. I don’t know what it is about the texture of her hair but even after it is freshly washed it sometimes seems to have gotten more tangled! We have used detangling sprays but they only help to get the tangles out, not keep them out in the first place.

When Maple Holistics contacted me to try their Silk18 Conditioner I felt like it was a great opportunity. First of all, I had already used some of their other products and liked them. Secondly, I love that their products are free of parabens, have naturally derived ingredients, and are cruelty free at an affordable price point.

So I agreed to try their Silk18 Conditioner on my hard-to-untangled daughter’s hair. What I first noticed was how good it smelled! It had a delicious vanilla fragrance! Her hair felt silky and smooth. Even she noticed a difference and commented, “My hair hardly has any tangles!” Hopefully this will mean less tears when combing it out!

If you are looking for a smoothing conditioner our experience with Silk18 Conditioner has been great thus far. And not only can you buy direct, you can also purchase on Amazon, which is convenient when you want to purchase it with other items.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Maple Holistics. The opinions and text are all mine.

Please Take My Survey

Hi friends! I love sharing my heart in this space, but as autumn approaches, I'm planning on making some tweaks about how and what I share and I'd like you to be involved!

I want to find out more about you. Why you come to my site and want do you want to gain by reading my articles and posts? What do you want to find when you visit me? What posts make you excited?

So, could you fill out a survey for me? I promise it's short and won't take much time. But it's crucial to find out more about what you do and don't want to see as I move forward. I hope to align my passions with content my readers want to read!

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such valuable feedback! The survey is below:


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My Favorite Instagrammers to Follow

Instagram is my favorite social media platform . . . because pretty pictures! It's a little like micro blogging too, which I love. Words + pictures are always a win-win for me. It also seems less snarky, then, say, Facebook (most of the time). It is a little pocket of daily inspiration.

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. It was hard to narrow them down! Each one is rich in inspiration, however. And of course you can follow me @danielleajones.



Moody rich images of life in Scotland. It makes me want to visit my ancestral homeland. And swoon over her bird's egg blue Aga stove.



This feed is a gem if you love children's literature. I've discovered so many great titles to purchase or check out at my local library. Literary eye-candy!



I've known Kelly since back in the "old days" of blogging and she also took head shot images for me a few years ago. Her work just gets better and better. Vintage, feminine, and romantic, Kelly sees the world through beautiful eyes.2016-01-18_011@crnnoel

Cozy, is what comes to mind when I think of Corinne's feed. I love her book reading and writing process snapshots, her knitting, homeschooling days, and scenes of the sea.



I don't know Natalie at all but her blog and Instagram feed make me happy. Bright and cheerful images of DIY projects, vintage and chipped up furniture, budget living, and repurposed secondhand items are themes in Natalie's feed. She's a talented crafter with an Etsy shop as well.



It is strange and ironic that I like both the bright, vintage, and cozy clutter of Natalie's style AND the clean, neutral, textual feed of Cloistered Away. Really, in my own home I crave both. Not sure how to reconcile that. I adore Bethany of Cloistered Away's very intentional living choices from simple style to homeschooling to how she spends her money on clothes or toys. I first heard her speak at the first Wild+Free conference and have been a fan ever since. I also love her photography, writing, homeschooling resources, and personal style.



I first met Lori when she pulled up a chair at my table at the Wild+Free conference. Her writing is thoughtful and her images and home beautiful.



I've enjoyed Gracelaced's blog for a long time, back when she was doing more writing than painting. But now she has found her groove by creating beautiful prints. Love her heart and her style.



Christie and I wrote for the same website for a while before discovering we were local to each other and meeting in person. Christie's poignant writing and soulful images reflect a sensitive and deep heart. Can't wait for her book, Roots and Sky, to come out in two weeks!



I am new to Alicia's blog, periscopes, and Instagram but am gaining homeschooling encouragement from them!

What favorite feeds do you follow? Also, drop your own Instagram handle into the comments section and I'll follow you!

My Favorite Apps


When it comes to apps, I like simple. I don't like too many cluttering up my phone, so the ones I have loaded I use all the time. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites and find out what apps you can't do without.

Feedly I keep up with blogs and other websites with Feedly. I love how you can customize the organization. It's easy to use on the desktop of my computer or on my phone.

Instagram Instagram is my #1 favorite social media format. Give me all the pretty pictures! It's like micro blogging. But in order to use Instagram you've got to take good pictures, which brings me to . . .

PicTapGo One of the easiest photo apps out there, in my opinion. I love how you can layer the filters and control their opacity (I rarely use a filter at full strength). I love the "Lights On" filter for lightening up dark pictures and it's so easy to post to Instagram from inside the app.

VSCO VSCO sat on my phone for a long time until I figured it out. It is not as intuitive as PicTapGo. I love that I can edit my pictures without using any filters but just tweaking it to my own eye. But as far as filters go, I also love that you can purchase various "collections" depending on the look you are trying to accomplish.

Pinterest I keep most of my recipes on Pinterest now and so it's important for me to be able to access them on my phone at times.

She Reads Truth The She Reads Truth app is my favorite Bible app. I like how the app formats the Bible and also that it contains devotional plans. I used their devotionals for this past Advent season, reading their "Advent: Born is the King" series. I also did their "Women in the Word" series over the summer.

Pray As You Go I was recently introduced to this app by Kortney of One Deep Drawer. I am really enjoying it. When I've not had time to sit down and read my Bible or have hands full with the baby this app is perfect for centering my soul. It is an experience with about 15 minutes of sacred music, a scripture reading, and a devotional thought, all read with English accents to boot. My little one has been waking early this past month and it's been perfect to sit and listen to while sipping coffee and looking at the twinkling Christmas tree lights.

Star Walk This is such a fun app to discover the constellations! Just point toward the sky and the app will show you where the constellations are in the sky! My kids love this one.

Google Drive I use Google Drive for various notes and documents, so it's handy to be able to access them on my phone when I'm on the go.

What's your can't-live-without app?