Summer Fun for Everyone!


Summer is awesome . . . until your kids start complaining that they are bored. But summer is a great time to let creativity and self-directed play take center stage. And have tons of FUN!

Today I’m sharing some of the fun resources and ideas we’ve used that have been a success. I hope they will spark ideas for your own summer fun!

For the Littles

Science Lab Kit

I bought this preschool-age lab kit and it has been a huge hit. For a while my daughter was asking to do an experiment everyday! And before you think that’s complicated . . . it wasn’t. First, I got my older kids to read the large laminated cards and help her. Also, all the ingredients are pretty simple things already found in the kitchen: vinegar, food coloring, water, baking soda, and the like. She loves to pretend she is making “potions.”

Do A Dot Art! Markers

This is a great alternative to regular markers. Not to mention you can google "dot marker coloring pages” and get a slew of free printables.

Kinetic Sand or Mad Mattr

Kinetic Sand and Mad Mattr are similar but each has it’s own special properties. We keep our Kinetic Sand in it’s own special larger tupperware box with molds and scoops inside. You can just grab it and play outside in the grass or if inside, I lay an old table cloth down on the floor for each clean up when the play is over.


For the Olders

Lulu Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit

If you have a budding artist or writer a writing kit may keep them busy for hours! My oldest daughter had so much fun writing and illustrating her own book on the templates provided in this kit. Then we mailed them into the company and they “published” her book! What an exciting mail day that was when it arrived!

Mark-My-Time Bookmark and Timer

I bought these for all my readers to help everyone time themselves when they read. It’s very helpful for everyone to have their own and they now use them all the time.


For Everyone

Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty is a huge hit at our house and everyone has their own special tin. It’s super fun to choose between sparkles, glow-in-the-dark, and other special features.

Butterfly Kit

We bought a butterfly kit this spring and enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow larger, make their crystalis, and emerge as Painted Lady Butterflies.

Bunch O Balloons

Tons of water fun without the awful business of trying to fill water balloons one-by-one with them breaking in the sink.

Ideas for Local Adventures

Outdoor Movie Night

Our town hosts monthly movie nights. We love to pack a picnic dinner and watch a movie under the stars with friends. Maybe check to see if any places in your area does this too?

Visit Nature Centers

We have tons of nature centers in our area. We’ve already visited two. Many have animals, play areas, hiking trails and other opportunities like classes and camps. Summer is a great time to check out what your local nature centers have to offer!

Library Reading Programs

Most libraries have reading programs to make summer reading a little more fun. We get coupons to local businesses in our packets (free ice cream, yay!) and each reader earns a free book if they read the required amount for their age! If your library does not host such a program, Barnes and Noble has a program you could join!

What fun plans do you have?