What I'm Into Right Now (Feb 2019)


I’m shocked to discover Day Light Savings is this weekend! It’s starting to feel like Spring is coming, despite the snow we just got last week. Regardless, I’m seeing daffodil shoots start to push through the muddy earth. As I wait for spring, here’s what we are cuddling up to watch with the blankets piled on us.


As a family we are enjoying The Road to Avonlea series. It is such a sweet old-fashioned show that we all enjoy. What Josh and I are watching is not sweet, instead, it is filled with Viking pillage and Saxon resistance. It is The Last Kingdom. It’s not for the faint of heart. However, as a history lover I am fascinated to see the Viking invasion come to life and watch England come together under Alfred the Great. It is fascinating stuff that I already was familiar with but not the details. Also, while watching this show I find myself incredibly grateful I did not live back then. I wouldn’t want to be a king, peasant, woman, or even an animal, for that matter.


For my kids’ book club which goes along with our history studies we read Number the Stars. It was a fantastic middle grade novel that captured all our interest right from the beginning. We listened to this on audiobook and the reader was great. I had no idea about how the Danish people assisted in a mass escape of its Jewish population.

This story about how kids with dyslexia are not being helped in schools was good, but sad. It hit home because of my kids being dyslexic but also because a lot of the action takes place in my state. If you have a struggling reader this was also enlightening, especially in regards to the history of the “reading wars” which I was mostly unaware of. I’d heard the term, but didn’t really realize what was involved and its impact on the educational system.


I just got my first issue of Common Place Quarterly and completely loved it. I enjoyed many of the articles and the photography was beautiful. I especially found the article about Charlotte Mason’s life at Ambleside interesting. For more check out the Instagram account.

Otherwise, I’m knee deep in Les Misérables for the literature class I’m teaching. Interestingly, Masterpiece Theater is releasing a new version of the novel on April 14th, however, I don’t know how it could compare to the musical version with Hugh Jackman.


This Kale Apple Salad was delicious. We mostly eat Kale sauteed but this was a yummy way to get some fresh Kale into our diet. Also, we are trying to eat more fish. This Easy Lemon Butter Fish was a hit with everyone!

What are YOU into right now?