What I'm Into Right Now (Jan 2019)


I took a break from this series for the months of November and December. I’ve learned to be gracious with myself during the busy holiday seasons. But I’m excited to share some of what I’ve been into lately and I hope you’ll share with me either in the comments, on Facebook, or Instagram!

Josh and I binged Homecoming with Julia Roberts on Amazon Prime. Not only was the plot fascinating, it was stylish and reminded me at times as a mix of Alfred Hitchcock meets the X-Files. I feel like the trailer really doesn’t do it justice. Just try it and see if it’s for you after watching the first episode.

The kids and I finished the final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events. It has so many levels of clever wit! And who can deny the utter adorable smartness of Sunny Baudelaire? We all loved it!

We are currently watching War & Peace and it is so well done. I read it in high school and quite honestly I don’t remember the plot at all and only recall being highly confused about who was who and what was going on. However, from what I have read this latest version seems very true to the book and it is beautifully shot and acted by Paul Dano, Lily James, and James Norton. I was glad to see that the film adaptation also touches on the classic Tolstoy themes of death, finding meaning in life, and the search for spiritual significance.

Speaking of Tolstoy, I’m teaching a high school class of World Literature for our homeschool co-op and we are in the middle of Anna Karenina right now. I am reading it and listening to this version which I think is done quite nicely. This is my third time through the novel and always find more layers of meaning each time I read it.

The kids and I are listening to Esperanza Rising for book club too. At first they didn’t like it. I think they had a hard time following it with all the Spanish words thrown in. But now they don’t want to stop. We are not far from the end and really enjoying it. It has already brought up great discussion on immigration and what it means to strike.

After a long break I am also enjoying the Pray As You Go app again. It used to be really glitchy but it has been updated beautifully and has a new look and is better functioning. I listen to it almost every morning while drinking my coffee.

I’m working my way through Beartown since so many of my friends recommended it. I have to put Anna Karenina first in my reading schedule to have what I need read each week to teach, so Beartown is a bit on the back burner. Having a hard time getting into it. So many recommended it (who’s reading tastes are similar to mine) I’m sticking with it. Also one friend said it was a bit slow in the beginning so I am pushing through.

I’m pretty obsessed with sourdough bread right now. You can follow my board on Pinterest if you are interested in sourdough yourself. I have used this recipe most consistently and this website is full of tips and information.

What are YOU into right now?