Library Love

The flurry of Christmas activity is slowing down. The new year has dawned. I always look forward to January as a wonderful month of recovery. Time to cozy up in the dead of winter with hot chocolate and a good book.

In anticipation to my annual "what I read last year" post, I've been dreaming of the perfect library.

I have been imagining new book shelves. I'm currently cramming my books in sideways into my shelves, and when we get around to renovating our living room (this year--I hope!) bookshelves will be top priority. And I've always wanted one with a ladder, haven't you? Then there's the cozy chair, perfect lighting, a pretty pillow, and a warm rug. I love neutral shades with a bit of soothing blue. Arhaus has a variety of living room options to add to this kind of space.

To make it perfection I'd also have my favorite monogramed mug and a snuggly throw.

What do you think? What would you include in your perfect library?

Library Inspiration Board.jpg