What I'm Into Right Now (July 2017)

Bruschetta Chicken

Summer is slipping away but I've been listening, reading, and watching such great content I'm really excited to share with you last month's What I'm Into post! A favorite podcast is back, I've read my favorite novel of the year, and found a new-to-me show on Netflix.

Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell is back for season two! This is one of my favorite podcasts, winning for thought-provoking content, stellar production, and length (hour long weekly podcasts are just too much, people!). 

So far my favorite episodes have been The Road to Damascus (explores the tensions between the press and the CIA), Miss Buchanan's Period Of Adjustment (a civil rights victory has an unintended fallout and legacy), and The Foot Soldier of Birmingham (how a famous photo is more complicated than it looks).

Technically I listened to The Summer Before the War, but I'm sticking it into the reading category (but let me just say the reader was excellent on audiobook!). I've already gushed about this book on Facebook, but seriously, this was my favorite novel of the year thus far.

I've not been so captivated by an array of characters in a long time and was hooked from the first chapter. If you like witty banter and loved The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, this book might be for you. Check out my full review over on Goodreads.

We were looking for a new show that contains our favorite elements (mystery, stunning views of the UK, and fabulous storytelling) and we stumbled upon Shetland. Josh and I immediately fell in love. Set on the Shetland Island the actors have fabulous Scottish accents and there's stunning scenery. Series 3 was especially good and I'm excited they are planning to make a Series 4!

I just love DI Perez. Unlike most detectives who have such disastrous personal lives, Perez has a loving relationship with his daughter and is a stable person. He does have his share of heartbreak, but he is overall a kind man who is a great boss to his team.

We've been eating some summertime favorites. Grilled Bruschetta Chicken (pictured above) and and cold Asian Chicken and Noodle Salad are two meals I always look forward to. 

What are you into right now?