What I'm Into Right Now (December 2016)

I missed the month of November but wanted to make sure I shared my December edition of What I'm Into Right Now. 

Sarah Jarosz's newest project, Undercurrent has been on constant rotation a lot. I love her voice and style. Definitely check out her music.

We finished up Poldark. Season 2 was a nail-biting, riveting, emotional roller coaster! If this promo doesn't make you want to watch the series, I don't know what will. And Demelza just might be one of my favorite mini-series heroines thus far.

After Poldark we discovered The Crown and it definitely deserved the two Golden Globes that it just won. Claire Foy is fabulous and I had no idea how much political/family drama was packed into the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. It's a show I like to keep my phone by me during to google the facts of the story (yeah, I'm a nerd like that) and I've been delightfully surprised at how close to history they've kept the show. The acting, writing, and cinematography are superb! Check out the trailer.

I'm reading my first Wendell Berry and finding Hannah Coulter wise and beautiful. It is hard to believe an elderly man wrote the story of a young woman so absolutely believably and with such tender nuance! 

We've been enjoying Rosemary Ranch Grilled Chicken and this Warm Kale Salad with Bacon, Dates, and Almonds is just the perfect winter salad!