Creative Play for Toddlers {A Gift Guide}

I love seeing my kids play creatively. Kids do it so naturally, and yet they really do need us to foster it sometimes by taking away the screens and handing them cardboard, blocks, or paper and crayons.

I've been amazed at how quickly Ava has learned to navigate our iPad which we only purchased this year. She can skillfully find her way to "her" apps and become mesmerized for a long time if I let her.  

As a homeschooling family, our mornings have been more of a challenge to keep Ava busy, creative, and occupied while we accomplish some school tasks. Now that she no longer takes morning naps, I've rearranged our routine so that the subjects that need concentration are done during her afternoon nap time, which has helped. However, she is an active little lady who loves getting into make-up, the trash, and coloring on the table if I'm not mindful of her. I have to resist the temptation of always taking the easy way out and handing her an iPad or turning on Netflix.

So I was delighted to partner with Baby Cubby to try some of their toddler toys that encourage creative play. Both Josh and I were impressed with the quality of these toys as well as the mission of the company. The toys we received are durable, well made, and encourage open-ended play that engages the imagination while practicing various skills.

Today I'm excited to highlight the toys Ava has been enjoying the past few weeks and hopefully give you some ideas for any toddlers you have to buy Christmas gifts for in the upcoming weeks! 

PlanToys My First Camera

Ava is loving this adorable wooden camera! It has a little button to push and when you look through the lens it is a kaleidoscope! It is the perfect toy for car rides. I also love PlayToys' mission to create sustainable, eco-friendly toys.

pipSquigz by Fat Brain Toys

These toys are so fun that my 9 year-old boys like playing with them too!

They are BPA-free silicone rattles that can be chewed and played with individually or suctioned together into one toy. The toys also suction to flat surfaces so you can secure them to table tops, high chairs, or even the wall! Ava loves to try to pull it off of the wall and thinks it's hilarious. We took them with us on a recent trip and they entertained her during the car ride.

Tegu 6-Piece Pocket Pouch Prism

Another travel-friendly toy which comes in a convenient pouch, these blocks are so much fun! Again, my older kids enjoy them too, so they have a long life-span. These beautifully colored blocks magnetize to each other to create unique patterns and are less frustrating for the younger set.

Plan Toys Happy Puppy

Ava loves this little wooden pull-toy puppy. It has felt-like ears and is easy to pull and it wags it's tail. She takes it in and out of the house and kisses it while saying "Awwww." Once again, this toy is beautifully made and could easily become an heirloom toy.

And since Ava loves to destroy my make-up any chance she gets, I have Little Cosmetics Essentials Toy Make-up on my list for her in the future. Then she can pretend all she wants without making a mess!

With toys at various price points, Baby Cubby provides beautiful, creative, well-made toys that you won't find at your local Target. We were sincerely pleased with each item. All opinions and images are my own.


This post was sponsored by Baby Cubby. Baby Cubby is made up of a team of parents who are passionate about encouraging and inspiring parents about how important their role is. They do this by finding the best and safest baby gear and providing it to parents in a fun shopping experience. 

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