Gratitude Fills

Does anyone else struggle with materialism the most during this season of thankfulness? Ironic, isn't it? I wrote this article last week for For the Family and I wonder if any of you find this season a similar temptation?

They’re filling my mailbox. Holiday catalogs bursting with items I suddenly find myself unable to live without. I flip through glossy pages displaying cozy pillows on soft leather couches. I eye my own worn slipcovered couch with aversion. Ironically, the cover of the latest catalog to be stuffed into my mailbox proclaims in classy cursive script: “Give thanks!”

I feel like I could give thanks better if my house looked as nice as those between Pottery Barn’s pages.

I am an artist at my core. I appreciate beauty, the perfectly arranged mantel, and the play between textures and colors. I love to nurture beauty in my everyday life with cut flowers and lit candles.

However, there is an ugly side to my love of beauty, order, and organization.

Materialism and discontentment.

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