What I'm Into Right Now (August 2016)


It's still hot and humid here in these last days of August. But there's now the loud hum of cicadas and a steady falling of yellowish brown Poplar leaves each morning on the deck.

School is starting, and am I ever ready! This summer's fun was great, but it wore me out; the late nights and lack of routine. I'm dreaming of pumpkins, gingerbread, and apple crisp.


After my July post about what I'm into, two friends recommended Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast. I blasted through the whole season in a matter of days. Top-notch production and thought-provoking story telling makes it one of my favorite podcasts to date.

I also just finished Marilynne Robinson's third book set in Gilead, entitled Lila. I've read all of Robinson's novels but this was the first I've listened to on audio and it definitely helped me get through the places I might have stalled. I always struggle with her books. They are not your typical novels. Hardly novels at all, sometimes. The reader was excellent and I have to say I liked this story the best. It had more of a narrative arc than her others, if I can remember correctly. It was really beautiful writing (of course) and I enjoyed finally getting Lila's own thoughts and back story.


We just started Stranger Things. Only finished episode 2, so please, no spoilers! With it's 80s nostalgia and X-File-ish feel I love it so far. (Oh, how I adore Mulder and Scully!). So funny because Si-fi is not usually my thing, but I do love me some paranormal activity every once in a while!

We also started Chef's Table Season 2which is a delight to the senses. Again, stellar production (music, cinematography, artistry--I appreciate all of those elements) and the chef's own stories and food presentations are just fascinating to me.


I am still working on Bury Your Dead and finished up Lila so not much new on that front.

I did want to point you to a powerful post written by my friend Bethany. When she first told me this story I really couldn't believe what she was describing was something she personally experienced in the '90s. But it was. You got to read it here.


Peaches are now in season and my mom just got me a big box of them. My favorite Peach Bread is just cooling now, right out of the oven. What's your favorite way to eat peaches?

Now your turn. What are you into right now?