What I'm Into Right Now (July 2016)

2016-08-02_001Wow, summer is whizzing by! I feel like I blinked and it disappeared! A few days ago I ordered our books for the school year and the leaves have already started to fall, despite the heat and humidity. They've already started to drift over the deck and layer the yard with shades of brown and yellow here and there. Of course summer isn't quite over yet. There are still a few more weeks left to go to the pool and stay up extra late reading or going on picnic dinners. Here's what I've enjoyed over the month of July


I finally figured out how to use my library's Overdrive app on my phone. It's rather convoluted but I was awarded with being able to carry my audiobook selection around with me on my phone now wherever I go. My first pick was Erik Larson's Dead Wake. I'd gone back and forth about giving it my time because I'd heard from many who also enjoyed The Devil in the White City that it wasn't as good. Well, I was completely enthralled from beginning to end. I loved learning about all the passengers on the ship, Room 40, and all the details of early submarine warfare.


We just started watching River and it is unique and intriguing thus far. Not your typical crime drama, for sure.


I am just loving The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming by Sally and Sarah Clarkson. I always feel inspired and nourished when I read Sally's books. I never feel like I need to "copy" their suggestions or that it is in any way prescriptive, but instead, makes me think how I want the lifegiving culture of my home to nourish my unique children. Someone asked me if I was going to implement any of the suggestions in the book and I can't say that I am. I just find it more inspiring at the big picture level, as opposed to practically seeking to put into practice any of the traditions their family did. (Although I have to say an annual Lark Rise to Candleford marathon sounds pretty great!)

I just started Before the Fall (awesome typography and cover art!) and Bury Your Dead but am too early in those books to say much about them.


With the heat comes a lack of desire to cook, so salads are what I'm loving right now. This is a favorite. Also Coconut Milk Fudgesicles are amazing! And they're pretty healthy too, not that you can tell, they are so delicious!

Now your turn. What are you into right now?