My Favorite Instagrammers to Follow

Instagram is my favorite social media platform . . . because pretty pictures! It's a little like micro blogging too, which I love. Words + pictures are always a win-win for me. It also seems less snarky, then, say, Facebook (most of the time). It is a little pocket of daily inspiration.

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. It was hard to narrow them down! Each one is rich in inspiration, however. And of course you can follow me @danielleajones.



Moody rich images of life in Scotland. It makes me want to visit my ancestral homeland. And swoon over her bird's egg blue Aga stove.



This feed is a gem if you love children's literature. I've discovered so many great titles to purchase or check out at my local library. Literary eye-candy!



I've known Kelly since back in the "old days" of blogging and she also took head shot images for me a few years ago. Her work just gets better and better. Vintage, feminine, and romantic, Kelly sees the world through beautiful eyes.2016-01-18_011@crnnoel

Cozy, is what comes to mind when I think of Corinne's feed. I love her book reading and writing process snapshots, her knitting, homeschooling days, and scenes of the sea.



I don't know Natalie at all but her blog and Instagram feed make me happy. Bright and cheerful images of DIY projects, vintage and chipped up furniture, budget living, and repurposed secondhand items are themes in Natalie's feed. She's a talented crafter with an Etsy shop as well.



It is strange and ironic that I like both the bright, vintage, and cozy clutter of Natalie's style AND the clean, neutral, textual feed of Cloistered Away. Really, in my own home I crave both. Not sure how to reconcile that. I adore Bethany of Cloistered Away's very intentional living choices from simple style to homeschooling to how she spends her money on clothes or toys. I first heard her speak at the first Wild+Free conference and have been a fan ever since. I also love her photography, writing, homeschooling resources, and personal style.



I first met Lori when she pulled up a chair at my table at the Wild+Free conference. Her writing is thoughtful and her images and home beautiful.



I've enjoyed Gracelaced's blog for a long time, back when she was doing more writing than painting. But now she has found her groove by creating beautiful prints. Love her heart and her style.



Christie and I wrote for the same website for a while before discovering we were local to each other and meeting in person. Christie's poignant writing and soulful images reflect a sensitive and deep heart. Can't wait for her book, Roots and Sky, to come out in two weeks!



I am new to Alicia's blog, periscopes, and Instagram but am gaining homeschooling encouragement from them!

What favorite feeds do you follow? Also, drop your own Instagram handle into the comments section and I'll follow you!