A Heart of Thanks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It's easy to get caught up in the cleaning and buying of turkeys and the travel and forget the "why" behind Thanksgiving. But that's what I want my kids to get most--not just during the Thanksgiving season but all year long. So today I'm writing about the little ways, both daily and special, that we practice a thankful heart.


We sit around the table amidst the morning breakfast mess: hot bowls of oatmeal, spilled milk, crumpled napkins.

“So what are you thankful for today,” I ask the kids, spooning a mouthful of my own oatmeal, sprinkled with brown sugar and cranberries.

“Legos!” one son shouts, waving a spoon into the air like a salute.

“Getting to go to the zoo this week,” another son chimes in.

“My sweet baby sister,” my daughter adds.

This is part of our morning breakfast routine, going around the table saying one thing we’re thankful for before our day starts.

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