When Your Family Falls Apart


When it was discovered my dad was having an affair, the family unit I’d known for twenty-seven years died.

Now what I once knew as my family no longer looks the same, feels the same, or is the same. It’s felt like what I’d imagine losing a limb might feel like; first searing pain, then numbness, now an ever-persistent ache.

You’d think it would be easier to deal with my parents’ separation as an adult. There’s no childish confusion about why mommy or daddy are leaving. I’m old enough to not have to worry about going back and forth between parents on weekends. I can understand the situation. And maybe that’s the problem. I understand the issues that brought on the devastation too well, be they adultery, abuse or deceit.

I myself have had to daily battle bitterness. However, despite the faithlessness of my earthly father, God has been a faithful spiritual Father.

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