Rewriting Tragedy

Are you an A.C.O.D.? What's that, you may be asking? A.C.O.D. stands for Adult Child of Divorce in the movie by the same name, which takes a humorous look at the dysfunction caused in a family marked by divorce.

A 2012 study found that "Grey Divorce" (separations that occur between those 50 years or older) has doubled since 1990. This confirms statistically what I'd already experienced in my own life, the life of my husband, and that of my friends: just because you make it past childhood doesn't mean your parents won't still divorce each other. And the divorce of one's parents is just as painful--if not more--as an adult than as a child.

Today I'm guest posting over at Dr. Laurel Shaler's blog sharing about how I'm rewriting the tragedy of a disintegrated marriage. You can read it here.