Undivided: Living For and Not Just With One Another


It had been a long day that seemed to contain a million sibling squabbles. As soon as one was resolved, it seemed like another one would erupt! Anyone else know that feeling? Before bedtime we exhaustedly plopped down on the couch for some family devotions. We were starting a new book, Undivided: Living For and Not Just With One Anotherby Rhonda and Mitchell Owens.

Undivided is a 12-week devotional for the whole family. Instead on focusing on Bible narratives as many devotionals do, this book is unique in that it focuses on the various "one another" passages in the New Testament. Verses that explain and describe the many ways we can live out how to best love one another.

Undivided is written so that each chapter has four sections: Learn It, Live It, Ask It, and Give It. All work together to help explain the original text, discuss how it applies in real life, discuss what was learned, and practically put the scripture into action.

I'm personally not especially into doing activities as part of devotional time, but that has proven to be the best and most impacting part of this book for my kids.

The night of sibling squabbles we were being asked to write everyone's names on a slip of paper and put them in a bowl. Then, we'd each pick a name and write down a way we were going to practically show love to that person the following week. It resulted was that a day that had been filled with fighting ended on an encouraging note.  Instead of only being focused on ourselves, we were now focusing on ways to make someone else in the family know they are loved, from playing legos to having tea together.

We are looking forward to reading the rest of the book!


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