My Favorite Podcasts

I'm a podcast junkie. I got hooked on The Splendid Table years ago and haven't looked back since. Sometimes I have more podcasts than I can keep up with. Other times I enjoy a podcast for a while and then I stop listening and move onto something else. Here's my favorite podcasts right now:

The Splendid Table My favorite foodie podcast hosted by the delightful Lynne Rossetto Kasper. Road food, the science of food, the history of various types of food, wine reviews, and chef interviews are all part of the mix on The Splendid Table, which is published weekly.

Stuff You Missed in History I love history and this podcast is perfect for the history nut. Mostly dwelling on little-known historical events and people, like "The Night Witches" of WWII to "The History of Carousals," if you like history, bookmark this podcast, published twice weekly.

Read-Aloud Revival I have to say this is one of the most inspiring podcasts that I listen to that actually impacts my daily life. I use it to get book recommendations and just downloaded our summer reading program from the most recent episode. The tagline is "Build Your Family Culture Around Books" and do I ever want to do that as a parent and an educator. The delightful host, Sarah Mackenzie, interviews everyone from homeschool moms to reading professionals to authors to discuss having a read-aloud family culture. Some of her past guests have included Jamie Martin (A Simple Homeschool), Sarah Clarkson, and Jim Weiss. This is published monthly but is taking a break for June/July. But don't worry, that gives you lots of time to catch up on past episodes!

The Art of Simple Podcast Tsh Oxenreider's wildly popular blog on simple living also has a podcast, which is published sporadically. I really enjoy the range of topics from family travel to speaking to talking with her literary agent about the ins and outs of publishing.

Serial Serial took the nation by storm with the narrative style of storytelling. People who didn't even listen to podcasts got sucked into this one. It consisted of twelve episodes and is now over, however, another series will be starting sometime this year. Listen to it.

These Go to Eleven My pastor has started a podcast and it's published approximately weekly. He and host Nathan Bell discuss a variety of topics pertaining to culture and Christianity with various guests. I particularly found the episode on "Spurgeon's Sorrows" helpful as it pertained to depression and all June they'll be having a variety of "hot topics." This week it's a debate between those who hold the "old earth" view versus those who hold the "new earth" view.

So that's the podcasts I keep coming back to right now. What's your favorite podcast?