The Power of Empathy

I arrived at church for the Bible study frazzled. As we got out of the car I took my two-year-old twin boys’ hands, heading for the entrance. But one of them jerked away, my grip loosening. He raced pell-mell toward the landscaped flowerbed and plunged in, looking back to laugh at me.

“Come to Mommy!” I beckoned. He ignored me, climbing higher up the landscaped hill and laughing. I called to him several more times, but he continued to ignore me.

I handed off my other son to a friend who took him into childcare. Meanwhile, I climbed after the runaway and made a grab for him.

Once the boys were safely in their playgroup I headed toward the Bible study, frustrated and discouraged. I’d been dealing with my toddler’s love for running away for long enough, or so I felt. No matter what tactic of discipline I’d tried, nothing seemed to make a difference.

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