Inspire: Women Who Create

InspireLogoBack in December of 2014, as my due date neared, I had the thought to ask some of my favorite bloggers and writers to guest post on the blog for me. I knew I'd  be busy adjusting to a newborn and would lack time to post new content. As it turned out, baby Ava came a little earlier than expected and I didn't get around to asking and organizing that many guest posts for the month of January after all. However, out of that idea grew a new concept. An idea for a year-long series that would be published approximately monthly. It would feature some of my favorite writers, artists, photographers, crafters, and small business owners. In short, it would feature women who create. defines the word "create" in part as something evolving "from one's own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention." 

Through blogging and Instagram I've met women who live creative and inspiring lives. Women who have opened small businesses based on their craft skills, product, art, or photography. Women who've published books. Women who've created conferences and community. Women who publish literary journals and host online workshops or mentoring relationships. All of these examples encompass various forms of creativity. And I find it very inspiring to watch women tap into their talents and do what they love and be successful.

And so I offer you the series, "Inspire: Women Who Create."

Tomorrow I'll be introducing our first guest, so check back to find out who is featured and be inspired!