Drum Circle

2014-09-01_001 Back in June we went to Avon, NC to celebrate my best friend's wedding. It was a beautiful beach wedding that was special in so many ways. Besides the highlight of being part of this intimate celebration, two favorite memories were visiting the Hatteras Lighthouse and being part of a drum circle. The Cape Hatteras Light Station is the tallest light station in the United States, so of course we had to climb it and take pictures from the top! Most interesting, however, was learning about the incredible move of the lighthouse due to shore erosion. Amazingly, they moved the entire structure without taking much of it apart! 2014-09-01_002 The second cool experience was being part of a drum circle. After the rehearsal dinner, we went out onto the beach for a bonfire and some drumming. There also was a fire dancer who danced with "fire fingers" and "fire fans." Not being much of a drummer, I mostly sat back, watched and took pictures. Although I did try my hand drumming once. The following are some of the images I captured of our rhythmic evening. 2014-09-01_0032014-09-01_0042014-09-01_005 2014-09-01_007 2014-09-01_006