Around Here


I have learned that May is a busy month. Hence the quietness on this blog for most of the month. May is always a busy month for us, but this year took the prize. Well, maybe not. Last year we were furiously packing to move into this house all of May!

First, today is officially the first day of summer vacation!  And we got off to a delightful start with fresh blueberry muffins and a friendly game of sibling baseball in the yard. We finished Classical Conversations (our homeschool group) and had the presentation ceremony. I had my annual homeschool review. May is always busy with finishing up school, co-ops, and prepping for the review. We plan to keep up with reading and math games over the summer, but otherwise, summer fun, here we come!

May is also the month we celebrate three birthdays. The boys turned 7 and are obsessed with Legos and roller blades. I got to enjoy a dinner out at The Vineyard Wine Bar, which serves up deliciously fresh and interesting food every time.

Then there's the yard. And garden. Our yard is SO much bigger than our last one that it's a little overwhelming come spring. I enjoy the work and eventually it will get easier each year as we tame it. The previous owners did a lot of landscaping but some of the flower beds kinda went wild before we took over ownership. We're still identifying plants and learning how to trim bushes and plants we've not had before.

My mom moved from the house I grew up and lived in since I was 14 years old. That was a huge job that meant several weekends helping pack and two weekends of moving. But I'm so excited for her to be moved into her new home which will be so much easier for her to maintain!

Josh and I got to go to a Nickel Creek concert that just took my breath away: the energy, the music, the audience bursting into song. It was fabulous in every way! Check out their new album. I'm just so glad they're back together. Kinda makes up for The Civil Wars splitting up. I also got to attend my first ever book launch for my author-friend Dani Pettrey's fourth book, Silenced. It was super fun to support her and celebrate her success.

I finished listening to Harry Potter on audiobook. I'm missing the space it took up in my life. I looked forward to dinner prep and clean up because I'd be sucked into the world of Hogworts. In any case, the series totally went beyond my expectations in every way and was the most immensely satisfying series I've read in some time.

So that was my May. How was yours?