When I found out Kindred magazine's fifth issue had "Nest" as it's theme, my thoughts flew right away to a photograph I'd taken some years ago. I had taken the image to illustrate this quote from Joan Walsh Anglund:

Thoughts, rest your wings. Here is a hollow of silence, a nest of stillness, in which to hatch your dreams.


I was so excited when the photograph was accepted to grace the inside cover of the Winter 2014 issue!

The creator of Kindred is Amanda, of The Habit of Being. I have long followed her lovely blog. I count her as a mentor of sorts, even though she is far away and we've never met. As a homeschooling mama of five who also loves words and photography, I admire how she has followed her dreams to create Kindred.

She describes this publication on her website: "At Kindred we believe in the power of story to bring people together. We believe stories are written to be shared, to change people, to shape culture, to spark a desire to know and be known. It is in the creation and celebration of story in all its forms: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual that we celebrate home. In embracing the idea of home, we celebrate the messy, the meaningful, the people, and places we hold near and dear to our hearts." 2014-02-18_003

I was impressed with the high quality and beautiful design of this full-color publication. If you're interested in a creative publication that features original writing and photography/art, I suggest you order a copy to enjoy.