Make + Listen

2014-01-22_001This week we got more snow. Yesterday after coffee and some morning reading I saw the sun slip over the hill. It sprayed sunlight across the frosted yard making long tree shadows. It was so breath taking. Thanks to everyone being home together for a couple of days our making has consisted of good eating. First up, German Pancakes with Brown Sugar and Pecans. Quick and easy, the kids love this puffy pancake. They don't care for pecans but I do, so we divide it up among ourselves.

I also made these mini ham and cheese quinoa cups for breakfast and snacks. Only one of my kids would eat them, sadly. However I enjoyed them and they are a great protein pick-me-up.

One afternoon this week when Josh was home I made this chopped thai chicken salad. Whoa, was it ever delish! Nothing like chicken, peanuts, and some crunchy greens in a fabulous dressing!

I made these awesome peanut butter balls this week for ourselves and another family. Hard to believe something with only four ingredients can taste. so. good. I rolled mine is raw shredded coconut. But next time, I want to toast the coconut first.


In the listening department I've been delving into the world of Harry Potter by listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Jim Dale is such a fabulous reader, wow, I think he blows every other audiobook reader out of the water! They are light and enjoyable. Something I can track with while folding laundry or making dinner.

How about you? What have you been making and listening to lately?

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