Make + Listen



On Monday we went apple picking with friends at a local orchard. It was a lovely overcast day, perfect for letting the kids roam the orchard and filling bags with fragrant apples. We've not made it a tradition to go pick apples at an orchard yet, but I think it's time we start!

Ever since then we've been making lots of apple treats: apple sauce, apple crisp, Apple Streusel Bread, (delicious!) oatmeal apple muffins, and baked apple oatmeal. Tis the season to "comfort me with apples." Mmmm.


I'm pretty obsessed with my recent discovery of the podcast Stuff You Missed in History Class. Being the history buff that I am I look forward to their weekly podcasts about such topics like "Was Their a Real Sweeny Todd?" to the "Chesapeake Bay Oyster Wars." Or perhaps a more biographical approach like learning about Elsa Lanchester (i.e. The Bride of Frankenstein) or the fantastic Fitzgeralds. Definitely check it out!

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