Make + Listen



We've been listening to the audiobook Little House in the Big Woods, which has been really fun and something we all enjoy, Mama included. It's so nice when we have lots of errands to run or longer car rides.


Some good eats this week! For breakfast and snacking, we're in love with these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. What is not to love about the pumpkin/chocolate combo? So excited to start making pumpkin goodies again. This was a great way to start off some autumn baking. The great thing about this recipe is that it makes A LOT. I think I got even more muffins than the recipe said I would, which is fine with me. I was able to stuff a few bags in the freezer for later.

And for dinner last night I made this deliciously old-fashioned Chicken and Dumplings. Yum. Reminded me of the kind my mom used to make. I remember how excited I would get when I'd come in the kitchen and she'd be making Chicken and Dumplings. It wasn't something we had often. This recipe is easy and full of flavor.

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