What if Your Soul Mate Doesn't Exist?


Six months into my relationship with Josh, I began to feel some intense angst. I struggled knowing for certain if he was “the one.”

I longed for a word from God: a message written in the sky saying, “marry this man” or “don’t marry this man” would be helpful.

Marriage is a big decision and one I wasn’t taking lightly. I did not look into the possibility of married life with romantic eyes. My parents’ marriage was something I did not want to emulate. I’d had an up close view to a marriage gone wrong and wanted no part of it.

I’d planned on staying single, envisioning a satisfying life as a career professional or dedicating my life to ministry. Being a wife or mother didn’t have much appeal for me.

But then my relationship with Josh deepened and I realized he was exactly the type of guy I was looking for—without realizing I was looking.

And so a struggle ensued in my soul, but also an epiphany.

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