Judith | Head Shots


This is my sister, Judith. It's hard to believe she's getting set to graduate from college this December!

It seems just like yesterday she was born, my littlest sister. I was thirteen years older than Judith and I must admit, I wasn't too excited about the prospect of a new baby entering our home. Maybe I was embarrassed, or maybe I didn't want a new sibling to "mess" up what we had going. My other siblings were just three and five years younger than me. Maybe I didn't like change or maybe I was just being a hormonal teenage jerk. Anyway, I didn't have the best attitude about a new baby being born.

But she won me over. She was so cute and fun it wasn't long until I didn't mind her at all . . . except when people thought I was her mom and she was my baby. Now that was embarrassing.

It's been a long time since anyone mistook me for her mom, though, thankfully! :)

As Judith approached her last semester, she asked me to take some head shots of her to use for social media and getting her professional website together. I happily obliged, heading to one of my long-time favorite locations, Jerusalem Mill. As much as I love the location for it's variety of backdrops, I was reminded why I don't go there that often any more. We were just one of FIVE photography sessions going on there that night! But it worked out and I was able to get the shots I was looking for.

Isn't she pretty? And not only pretty, she's smart and spunky too.


I love these last three!