August Instagrams


Wow, I've not done an Instagram post since April! Moving really killed my regular blogging momentum over the summer. I thought about not returning to the Instagram posts, but I discovered that if I didn't blog them monthly, I also didn't download them off of my phone regularly and back them up either. So I'm getting back to if, if for no other reason than for myself.

Once the craziness of moving passed, we had some true summer fun. Ice cream and a field of sunflowers. Picnics and twirling in the grass. The boys went to their first summer camp and had a blast. Josh and I got to spend some one-on-one time with our favorite girly while we waited to pick them up in the evening.


We had fun at a local "beach" with our homeschool group (above).


I enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon (above left) which is rare for me, and we had fun with friends at a local winery (above right).


This week we started school. Hence the special breakfast of cinnamon buns. And a weird face from one of my boys.


One of my favorite families is moving away (sniff). But I did get to watch the kids while their mom packed and we had lots of fun. Sophia was particularly enamored with having a baby to watch.

That's it for August! Can't wait for September!