Multitude Monday | Live in Hope


It's been a long time since my last Multitude Monday post. Too long. Even though I've not posted, I've counted on.

Last Christmas, Josh gave me the journal pictured above. It's too small for any real journaling, so I decided to use it just for my daily thankfulness. I thought it was perfect, because on the front it says, Live in Hope, and a thankful heart certainly spurs on hopefulness!

And so, I'm going to share this past week's thankfulness . . .

634. Being able to give my mother-in-law some items for her home and having her spend two nights with us. So nice to have a larger house to more easily accommodate visits! 635. A beautiful day at Hammerman Beach! Sunshine, picnic lunch, great conversation, no humidity! 636. Weeded flowerbeds.

637. The boys enjoying a week at Action Camp! 638. Awesome homeschooling mom friends! Homeschool planning around snacks and wine. I love my local Classical Conversation community as well as the ladies and families that live close by. So wonderful to be able to join hands and "do life together" in a very real way! Not to mention these ladies are the real deal: down to earth, honest, strong. 639. Electricity! After it being off for a whole day due to a underground wire issue, so thankful for lights, water, and stove back on!

640. Family reunion! Fun times swimming in the pool, good food, seeing family. The boys went off the diving board for the first time and Duncan actually did a flip off the diving board! Couldn't believe it! Never even taught him how! 641. The taste of cold lemon ice cream cake, yum! 642. Final sermon in a series on prayer--refreshing and convicting, but not guilt-producing. Instead, motivating.

What are you thankful for this week?