Now They are Six


It's the age of the beginning of true boyhood. When the chubbiness that still clung to toddlerhood, preschool, and kindergarten is finally shed. Six is long, lean, and sturdy-limbed. It is tall, gap-toothed, and and ever-hungry. It is inquisitive, creative, imaginative, and risk-taking.

It seems just yesterday my boys were born, thrusting me into motherhood. I didn't know how I'd take care of two babies. I was still in denial that we were even having one baby when we got the news we were having two. Shocked. You know, it's interesting that I have no memory of sharing the news with friends and family we were expecting a baby. I only remember sharing that we were expecting twins.

I was slow to embrace motherhood. My early days of non-stop nursing were plagued with sleep-deprived daydreams of my life before they came. Of when I used to have an hour to read on the bus, sit and work quietly at the computer while drinking coffee and listening to Pandora. I wasn't really into sitting on the couch, staring at a blank wall while two babies fed. It seemed to never end.

But it did. Far too fast.

Because now they are six.

 Mother's Day, 2013