Honesty in the Little Things

“How do I look?” I asked, turning one last time in the mirror before getting ready to leave for church. “Hmmm, actually, I think those pants are a little tight,” said Josh, my husband.

We’d only been married about a year and this was the first time Josh had ever said anything negative about my clothes.

“Well, I’ve had these pants for years and wear them all the time. If they were tight, why have you never said anything before?” I shot back hotly.

“I don’t know,” Josh said. “Maybe I never noticed?”

“How could you not notice if they’re too tight on me?” I exclaimed. “And if you never noticed, maybe they’re actually not too tight!”

Josh looked confused. “Look, I don’t know about all of that, all I know is you asked me right now and I told you what I honestly thought. Why did you ask?”

“Because I thought I looked fine and was all ready to go and now I have to change!” I said angrily.

But even as I pulled a new pair of pants out of the closet I knew I was over reacting. I’d asked the question expecting a response of affirmation, not criticism. And I’d gotten an answer I didn’t expect.

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