Right Now

Right now, I am...
:: drinking a mug of hot chocolate on this grey and chilly day.
:: hearing the sound of one of my boys asleep on the couch, breathing in and out.
:: nursing my back to health again. It's tweaked out and I'm hoping to keep it strong and from going out all the way.
:: reminding myself that spring really IS around the corner.
:: thinking how thankful I am for the ladies I met with for prayer last night. Just some home schooling mamas sharing their joys and struggles.
:: doing some photo processing from our recent Valentine's Day and trip to Oregon Ridge Nature Center.
:: keeping my son's Owen's words close to my heart. Today he said, "Mom, I want to be sweet to you everyday!" Melt.
:: loving library books sales. I scored big on a whole series of books on various artists by Mike Venezia that are perfect read-aloud books for the boys right now. This week we're studying Michelangelo and this art-loving mother was happy at how into his art they were.
:: wanting to get into a new house this spring. Praying to find the perfect house for a our family.
:: plotting out the rest of the work needed to do to get our house on the market!
:: feeling a bit overwhelmed by the task, but excited! I've moved a lot in my childhood and love the feeling of a new (to me) house!
:: preparing to do a lot of late night painting in the next two weeks!
:: looking at house listings everyday.
:: pulling ground beef out to defrost for dinner tonight: taco salad.
:: enjoying this quiet moment of all the kids having a quiet time.
:: hoping it lasts a bit longer.
:: wishing you a happy day!