Joining Amanda at The Habit of Being with her link-up series, Weekending

Groceries bought, cupboards restocked.

Josh worked on the house, installing shoe molding in various rooms, a long over-due project.

Muffin madness ensued as I baked up some quick-grab breakfast goodies. I made egg and sausage muffins and these.

The day ended with homemade pizza and watching the Ravens win their divisional playoff game. Shouting all around! Crazy kids cheering. Eating too much chips and dip.

Sunday morning church. First some coffee in what we call "The Square" prior to the service. Prayer for our medical mission team headed to India this week was especially sweet.

Some afternoon peace on the couch with, yes, another cup of coffee, reading this riveting book. The perfect activity for today, which is such a grey and misty day.

Looking forward to eggs and toast for dinner and Downton tonight.