Christmas DIY

Now that holidays are over and all the gifts have been unwrapped, I can share some of the DIY projects I was busy with leading up to Christmas! The past two years I've attempted to make gift-giving simpler by "themed gifts." Two years ago the theme was books. That was an awesome year because I simply put an order in at Amazon. Even for people who don't read, books make wonderful gifts and you can choose from cookbooks and coffee table books for those who don't always want to sit down and read. Last year we had family portraits done so our gift was framed prints for everyone.

This year I had a harder time coming up with one theme, and never did come up with a cohesive one. If there was a theme, I guess it was "crafting." But I did find some great projects that I thought would be perfect for the people on our list. Here's what I was busy crafting, baking, knitting, and framing this year:

I made several cup cozies and am still whipping them up to have on hand to give as gifts. Aren't they cute? Stick on in your purse and you'll never need one of those cardboard sleeves again! And I'm so excited that that I now have a Cuppow so that no matter how many jars I break, I'll always have a coffee cup. :)

I also made gourmet marshmallows! Coffee and chocolate flavors. Such soft and billowy goodness!

Pumpkin bread was baked in these adorable wooden bakers. It definitely dresses up a gift of sweet bread and you can get a set of 6 from King Arthur Flour.

I also made Pomegranate Syrup and put them in jars from Mountain Rose Herbs. Aren't the stoppers cute? The syrup can be drizzled on pound cake, ice cream, or made into cocktails.

I have a thing for maps and when I saw these printables, I printed out a bunch and framed them for almost everyone! What a beautiful way to decorate for Christmas! Or all year, because I'm not going to pack mine up.

I also made these pretty scarves! A no-sew project too, just hot glue and buttons. I got my sister to model hers for me. :)

And speaking of DIY projects as well as my sister, aren't these glittered fruit beautiful? My sister made them and I put in a request for her to make me a set too.