Resolute 2013

This year I want to focus more closely on fewer goals. Sometimes smaller, more doable goals pull me away of larger, harder to obtain projects. Now that I'm homeschooling, I also find that I have less time or mental space to work on projects, even in the evening, when I need to plan and get ready for the next day. I also don't want to be working all. the. time. and value a quality of life that revives me, not wears me out. Plus, we are hoping to amp up the work on our house to really get it FINISHED, really finished. So that work will be taking up my time as well. So, here's what I'm looking forward to growing in and accomplishing in 2013!

  • Spiritual: choose one large portion of Scripture to memorize.
  • Personal photo project: 12 in 12 (one family picture a month).
  • Professional photography goal: purchase a PhotoVision Target and learn to use. Rework/update all pricing. Switch to using flash drives instead of dvds for client digital negative purchases.
  • Writing: With Child book proposal. For real this time. This is scary to write down for me because it's so close to my heart and writing a book has been something I've wanted to do since, well, as long as I can remember.
  • Health: figure out an exercise routine that really works with my life. The only time I have to work out is the evening and I struggle with being worn out by the point kids are in bed. I'm trying to work out before the kids are in bed. Also, when I have a photography deadline due, I tend to use that time on photography instead of working out. But I really need to get a better healthy balance in this area.

What goals do you have for the new year?