Christmas Tour 2012

It's been several years since I've participated in a Christmas House Tour, however, this year I'm joining up with The Inspired Room and Cottage Magpie to share my little house's Christmas decor. My house doesn't have much space, so it can take some creativity to make room for seasonal decorations. I love using natural elements in my home so greens are used inside as well as out.


There are always leftover green at the farm where we cut our tree, so I gather an armload to bring home to make a wreath put on the front porch.


Advent calendars are a favorite with the kids. These were actually mine when I was little.

However, some of the doors are falling off, so I think next year we'll have to get a few newer ones!


Our basket of Christmas cards are tucked into a corner of the dining room. At dinner each night we select a card and pray for the family it represents.


I love our wooden nativity set. It's our centerpiece on the table and usually looks as it does above! :)

But that's okay, I wanted to have a set the kids could play with. However, I thought I'd let you see it set up too.


Christmas books are stacked everywhere! A tray holds an angel picture, hand-painted in watercolor by a dear friend.

Also, homemade coasters another friend crafted for me sit on a side table.


The Nutcracker was given to me by a co-worker and is a hit with the kids.


I make up for not having a fireplace and a mantel by decorating the top of this book shelf to go with the seasons.

At Christmas it holds our Jesse Tree. I cut branches from the backyard and put them in a pitcher so as we go through the advent readings each night, we can hang an ornament on it. The readings and printable ornaments can be found at A Holy Experience.


Thanks for visiting!