November Instagrams

In November we got the last of our CSA veggies, started counting our thanks with our annual Thankful Tree, and had lots of fun in the leaves. The boys started learning the tin whistle and I got my last letter from Beverly, who I've sponsored through Compassion since I was in college.

I got away for a weekend retreat with the ladies from my church (above) and am excited about what I'm reading (below).

My silly boys!

Thanksgiving delights: rosemary mashed sweet potatoes with crunchy shallots, pumpkin pie, and Chocolate Cloud Cake.

We enjoyed a trip to Staunton, Va to visit family Thanksgiving weekend. We got to hang with Josh's mom, his grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins!

We also enjoyed a trip to Polyface Farm (Joel Salatin's farm) and Cranberries for lunch!

After a week of being gone for work, last night I picked Josh up downtown for a date night.

We went to Amicci's for dinner and Vaccaro's for dessert, our favorite eateries in Little Italy!

It was a great way to end the month!