Hampton Estate


During the summer while listening to Where Lilacs Still Bloom on audiobook, I discovered a local treasure. I'd never heard of Hampton Estate at that point, and little did I know that such an amazing historic house was just a stone's throw away from me. Built in 1790 it was once the largest private home in the United States, it has an amazing history. Also, I did not realize the connection between the famous painting by Thomas Sully, Lady with a Harpnow hanging in the National Gallery of Art and the estate. I actually own a print of the painting and have always loved it.

In October we finally visited for the Family Fall Day. We enjoyed it so much and look forward to going back and spending even more time there. The house tour was so fascinating. The boys did a great job on their first hour-long tour of a historic home!

The property was once famous for its' gardens. Note the "orangery" below left. The family purchased orange trees and kept them in the climate controlled environment. You had to be wealthy to do that kind of thing back in the day!


A copy of the famous painting of Eliza Ridgely, the Lady with a Harp (left) and the dinning room (right).


The boys were SO excited to help make apple cider!


Duncan and Owen begged to take pictures with my camera. Duncan took the top one below and Owen took the bottom one.

Pretty good, don't you think?