I'm joining up with The Habit of Being for her Weekending link up . . . 

This weekend started on Friday because Josh was off.

I spent Friday going through all the clothes in the house, switching out the summer clothes for the winter. I was able to do this in relative peace, thankfully, because Josh took the kiddos to the local nature center and estuary. I was reminded again how thankful I am for everyone who passes down their kids' clothes to mine. I discovered two winter coats--one a Nike and the other Land's End--in the attic that I'd forgotten about but had been saving for the boys for probably over a year now. What a blessing, and I'd completely forgotten!

I also got to go and dig through books at the library book sale, something I always look forward to! And look at all the great books I discovered for a mere $6!

We watched the first episode of this. Anyone a fan? Not sure if I am yet or not . . .

Saturday morning was spent running errands. Josh helped his grandparents with some work they needed done and then I did some baking: granola and these muffins made for the week ahead.

Some work on paying bills and budgeting, and then our weekly pizza night.

Today has been gorgeous! Sunny and delightfully warm. Church in the morning and a surprise meeting up with an old friend. Then a picnic lunch at church before spending the rest of the day at Hampton National Historic Site. What a gorgeous place rich with history. Not to mention I found a new location for photo shoots! I'll have a follow-up post about our visit soon.

Tonight it's Psycho and knitting. I love Hitchcock and was inspired to watch Psycho again after seeing the preview for this upcoming movie. Doesn't it look good?

How was your weekend?