It's hard to believe two years have slipped by already since this sweet face entered our lives.

I fell instantly in love.

And a whole year since she was a bald 1-year-old celebrating her first birthday!

It is shocking to me that she's no longer a baby, but a toddler.

A very verbal toddler too, who has no end of things to say, songs to sing, and dances to perform. She loves to look at books and love on her baby dolls. She loves Reese, the next-door dog. She tumbles with her brothers and trails along behind them. She loves her daddy and cries when he has to leave. She is a social butterfly whose favorite word these days is "Watch!"


She turned two a few weeks ago. It was a quiet affair. She once again wore her tu-tu.

We ate pizza and Chocolate Italian Cream Cake decorated with sugared violets.


Today we sat and played on the floor. I do that more these days when she begs me to. I know now how fast it goes, something I didn't know the first time around with her brothers. Time dragged then. I couldn't wait for the next stage in their development.

And although I still can't wait to see the big people my children grow into, I'm enjoy the day-to-day. The little moments of block building and marble mazes. Of chubby hands reaching up for a hug. The demand of "hold you!" (which means "hold me" in Sophia's world).

Because I know all too soon two will be three.