August Instagrams

Another month has come and gone! Although the humidity of summer lingers, the feel and sound of autumn has arrived and I'm loving the thought of apples, fires, jeans and sweaters, and getting into a school routine. But before all of that, I'm going to linger in last month's memories . . .

Our vacation to Emerald Isle was such a blast and much-needed week of rest in what has been an extremely busy summer. One day it really rained so we went to the local aquarium, which was lots of fun as you can see below.

One of my favorite things to do is escape to the beach in the early morning by myself. Glad I got the chance.

Sand play and our vacation home above. Love my little bucket boy below. :)

One the way home I worked on knitting Sophia a sweater (that will probably be too small when complete, because I've been working on it since she was a few months old (ahem). And an afternoon of treats and photography processing.

Random pictures of daily life above. Sophia continues to love her babies.

And yummy treats below!

Getting into the fall spirit!

Above left was an image while preparing for my photo session with Shaune. Right, the boys checking out the trail road track display on the trail. Below, reading time after a visit to the library.

Below left, free furniture given to us and discovered along the road. Over the weekend we worked on repainting it. I'll be sharing that soon. In the mean time, here's a little preview of one of the pieces that got an overhaul: my desk off of the kitchen. This old post (with very small pictures, sorry) shows you what it used to look like. But it was a scarred and black mess. Now it's a lovely shade of Robin's egg blue and a much more pretty place to work.