A July Evening

I'm way behind on blogging personal photos here lately. These have been sitting in Lightroom waiting for a quick edit for a while now. Back in July when we had our anniversary, Josh came home with this bouquet of lovely flowers, sold along the side of the road on his commute to work. Weren't they gorgeous?? I love wildflowers so much more than formal bouquets. And the light was just so gorgeous we captured the moment.

Then, the evening took an exciting turn when the boys discovered our cat playing with a very frightened baby bunny. The boys decided it was time to become animal rescuers and we saved the baby rabbit from extinction. She seemed to only suffer a cut ear. We noticed an adult rabbit across the street and attempted to reunite them, in case it was the baby's mother. This didn't happen, even though the adult hung around for a while, as we watched from the front porch to make sure the baby made it to safety. Since they didn't take off together. We then nestled the baby in the covering of underbrush and wished her well!