Journal Tutorial | DIY

I decided to make the kids some personalized journals. They love to color, write, and paste stickers so I thought instead of random loose papers, it would be nice to have it all in one place. I picked up some cheap composition books up at the grocery store. Then, some decorative papers at Michael's.

Step 1.) I centered and pasted my paper to the front and back of the book using spray adhesive. This step is best done outdoors. The stuff is STRONG!

Step 2.) I trimmed the corners like so below:

Step 3.) I used paper adhesive to clue down the flaps I'd created on both the front and back covers. Then I let them sit for a while to "set."

Step 4.) Next I cut some contrasting paper to finish covering the ugly inside of the cover.

Step 5.) I attached a book marker ribbon with some hot clue under the decorative paper.

Then, I repeated all the steps above two more times to create all of my kids their very own journal! And added even more decorative papers, ribbons, and stickers to make each journal unique.

I admittedly have something of a journal fetish, so it was totally fun for me to make my kids their very own first journals.
Are you a journal lover too? What's your favorite type of journal?