July Instagrams


It's time for July Instagrams! The month has flown by. I can't believe we're in August! We got air conditioning in July, which has certainly made me happy. Also, Josh finished up working at his place of employment for over two years. In a little over a week he will be starting a new job and by the end of this month, I'll officially begin my career of homeschooling my boys! So many adventures behind us and so many yet to come.

Sophia continues to entertain us by drawing on her tongue and enjoying books. She was obsessed with the picture to the left in a book from the library. And I've enjoyed "fixing" her hair, as you can see in the right-hand image above.


I made a trip to Mount Joy, PA to pick up our pastured poultry. The boys enjoyed a little science lesson.


Ever-creative, the boys discover how to make swinging even more of a adrenaline rush!


Scoping out a woodland scene for the maternity session.


A change was needed so a new hair cut for me! And cute new pants for Sophia's birthday made by Kelly.


Little girl is in LOVE with her baby doll.


And her brothers are in love with her.


Josh and I got away to Lititz, PA in honor of our anniversary. Some scenes from our trip, left to right: Lunch at The Hidden Bean on the way up, drinks Sunday morning at Cafe Chocolate, latte at Tomato Pie Cafe, Wildflower surprise on our actual anniversary.


My own version of Tomato Pie below. Oh yum!


My dear friend Jessica stopped by on her trip to Texas. She showed us how to make Vietnamese spring rolls. We always have food adventures with Jessica!


And we finished off with cupcakes from Flavor! A sweet way to end the month!


What was your favorite memory from the month of July?