June Instagrams

I have to admit my very favorite thing about my iPhone is Instagram. And I've been trying to decide the best way to share my Instagram photos here. Many bloggers share their Instagram images weekly, some monthly, and everything in-between. I've decided on sharing mine monthly, because it's too much trouble for me to upload my images weekly, and I like seeing my month of images all together that way. Although I love Instagram and that I can take fairly decent images at the spur of the moment, I'm trying to not to get lazy. I still want to pull out my "real" camera more often around the house to capture our everyday life. I realize that since getting this phone I've slacked on that more than I'd like

Without further chit-chat, here's our month of June as seen through Instagram:

Blueberry breakfasts with homemade granola.

Duncan and Owen helping with dinner.

A short trip to Susquehanna State Park one Sunday evening, where we saw this lovely rainbow.

June is hydrangea season and I started a new Bible study.

Good eats (above) and Sophia got into the butter (below). We're doing "Friday Fun Days" this summer. Each Friday we do something out of the ordinary. Sometimes it ends up happening on other days, but we've spent time playing in creeks and fields, as you can see above. The boys one morning looked at books and ate snacks. And then one evening Josh had golf playing on the computer and they both, of their own accord, started watching the game! Josh's heart about burst with pride! Only 3 weeks of training wheel and then they were OFF and riding!

Sunset scentes from an evening at my mom's (above).

I can't believe how much our garden has grown since this shot above was taken!

Sophia got two stitches. The first of our kids to have the honor. And on a family movie night we watched "Megamind." It inspired superhero dress up and I loved that Sophia combined Superman and Batman!

Chocolate chunk cookies in the making (left) and Sophia love (below). Flowers from our CSA and summer reading and drinking. I love Episcopal churches. Wherever I go they always catch my eye. And we drove by Hampton National Estate the other day. I can't wait to visit it. It's a gem I only recently discovered in my own proverbial "backyard."