Lost and Found Family {Ungrind}

When it was discovered my dad was having an affair, the family unit I'd known for twenty-seven years was slowly torn apart.

Now what I once knew as my family no longer looks the same, feels the same, or is the same. It's felt like what I'd imagine losing a limb might feel like; first searing pain, then numbness, now an ever-persistent ache. At times, losing a parent to death would have seemed like a more welcome trial.

I’ve had to battle bitterness and unforgiveness like never before. But I’ve also experienced support from a family bigger than my physical family: the family of God. And more importantly, despite the faithlessness of my earthly father, God has been a faithful spiritual Father.

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Note: This article was first written in 2008 and Ungrind is republishing it for Father's Day. It's also being republished this summer in an Israeli publication, Beyneu. Apparently, the themes in this article resonate with many readers--even internationally. The journey is a long and hard one, but I'd glad to be able to share in the struggle with others in God's family.

(Image from www.ungrind.org)