Well, it's taken a few weeks longer than I wanted to post pictures from the boys' 5th birthday, but I guess that's what happens when life is busy with camping trips, re-hauling this blog, and birthdays galore around here.

It's hard to fathom it's been five years since my little buddies were born. Each of these little guys hold a unique and special place in my heart. I can't believe how long and lean they're growing. How boyish they are getting as they leave all toddler and preschool chubbiness behind.

The boys asked for two things for their birthday: to have a Lightning McQueen cake and some special friends over. We did just that, inviting a few family members too. It was a low-key celebration but just what they asked for.

They begged for cameras. You bet I was happy to oblige them both with their very own first digital camera!

They got big boy bikes from my mom. That's the look on Duncan's face when he first saw them (above right)!

Beyblades are all the rage these days (below).

I found inspiration for this cake here. Mine didn't end up as neat and tidy looking, but hey, they didn't care and it tasted good. (I was going to put Lightning McQueen and Mater on the cake. That was the plan. That would make sense, right? But no, the boys wouldn't let me in the end, saying they'd "get dirty.")

Time to sing "Happy Birthday!" and blow those candles out!

Pirates even made an appearance!

The piñata was a smashing success. One little guy decided to really smash it to pieces!

It was a perfectly gorgeous evening and plenty of fun! Happy birthday to my favorite five-year olds!