Multitude Monday | Revitalized Eyes

“I am carried away by the impulse to keep up, though this sentiment inspires only a perpetual state of wanting. I’d rather punctuate my days with actions turning me towards gratefulness, revitalizing my eyes to see the calm goodness already around me.”  -Julie Pointer, “A Quiet Life” in Kinfolk, vol. 3 I too, know well the perpetual state of wanting. And one way I battle that is by counting my blessings. Revitalizing my eyes to God's goodness all around me. And so I count . . .


622. That Josh's business travel went well and he arrived back home safely. 623. That all went smoothly while he was away. 624. Time with my mom on Tuesday just hanging out.

625. Tasty and healthy quinoa muffins that my kids, who aren't muffin lovers, actually like. 626. All morning spent with friends playing at the creek. 627. The boys riding their bikes with no training wheels!

628. Saturday evening at my sister's documentary party. 629. A family reunion, good food, and pool time on Sunday. 630. Sophia affectionately patting my back.

631. The color of blue hydrangeas that grace my yard. 632. A testimony at church that had me in tears and penetrated the hard places that still cling to unforgiveness in my heart. 633. Starting my new study of James: Mercy Triumphs.

What is one thing you are thankful for?