Change {An Important Announcement}

I redesigned my photography blog back in January and loved the look and the ability for more design freedom by using Wordpress along with ProPhoto. However, I soon discovered several things. First, I did not like having to go back and deal with the restrictions a blog gave me at over at Dancing by the Light. I was frustrated with what I could do with it after experiencing so much design freedom in this space. Secondly, it was just plain hard to keep up with two blogs. I only have so much time in my life, and trying to keep two blogs up to par was just too much. The solution to this problem is that I've now merged all the content from Dancing by the Light to this new address. All the posts from both of my previous blogs now reside here. It has also resulted in an updated design along with a new name: So update your readers and your subscriptions, I'd hate to lose you, my faithful readers!

Take a look around and check out the links. There's a new About page and my Writing page has been updated too. And special thanks again to Kelly Sauer for the lovely images that grace my header and the other pages.

I'm also looking forward to focusing on my writing with renewed purpose, which is another reason for the new url. I am still available for photography sessions, but I will say it's going to take a back seat to my writing. This fall I will begin homeschooling two kindergarteners. I am sooooo excited! As someone who was homeschooled for all 12 years of my education and loved every minute of it, I'm excited to be on the other side as an educator to my children. That said, looking forward to the fall has made me really re-evaluate my priorities.

So update your readers and stay tuned! During the past week or so that it's taken to update and merge and redesign I've not been able to write new posts and I have so much to share: pictures from the boys' 5th birthday, a trip to see the graves of real-life characters who inspired a book set locally, an update on our 31 day veggie fest, and more!