Jerusalem Mill

A few weeks ago I did a different sort of session than my usual family and children work. I was asked to take head and group shots for  the leadership team at my church. They were looking for new and updated images to use for various media projects in the future. Since the session needed to be in the afternoon, I wanted place that would have lots of open shade options. I chose one of my favorite locations: Jerusalem Mill. I've used Jerusalem Mill many times in the past, although due to the crowds--especially on weekends--I've been avoiding it as an option for a while. However, for a mid-week shoot it's usually not very crowded. I love that there is a variety of background choices for photographs all within a short distance of each other.

I ended up taking everyone's head shots and group pictures in three different parts of Jerusalem Mill: near a stone building, in a grassy area with woods behind, and near a stream. Here's a sampling of our session. Enjoy!

The Goof-off.